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How do I change my user ID?

Once you sign in to Online Banking, go to the Customer Service tab and select “Change user ID” from the Account Maintenance section of the index.

How do I change my password?

Once you sign on, go to the Customer Service tab and select “Change password” from the Account Maintenance section of the page.

How do I change my email address?

There is an option to change the email address associated with your account at the top of the Account Overview page, accessible from the Account tab.

How do I receive paperless statements?

Navigate to the Customer Service tab, select “Change statement delivery method” and select your preferred delivery method for each statement. There are options for online, paper, or both.

How do I change my Bill Pay payees?

From the Make Payments tab, select the payee which you would like to make changes and edit or delete the listing.

How do I get notifications?

Under, the Customer Service tab, click “Add an alert” in the Contact Options section and then select the type of alert you need.

How do I enroll my mobile device?

Under the Customer Service tab, click “Manage mobile banking settings” in the Account Maintenance section and follow the instructions provided.

How do I download the Mobile Banking app?

Go to our website,, using your device’s web browser, click the search icon, and type “Mobile Banking.” Click on “Mobile Banking” and select the correct device. Our website will then walk you through instructions on how to download the app.

Why won’t my Mobile Banking App let me log in?

First, make sure that your password is up-to-date. If not, it will not allow you to access your Mobile Banking. You MUST change your password using our website.

How can I place a Stop Payment on Bill Pay?

Contact us to place a stop payment and reissue. There is no fee for placing a stop payment on a Bill Pay item.

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