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Redbird Barricades logoBusiness is a family affair for husband-and-wife team Trevor and Krista Davis. For years, Trevor was the manager at San Antonio, Texas-based Four J Traffic Controls, which provided crucial traffic control services, such as city lane closures, right-of-way closures, flagging operations for construction projects and traffic control during large events. When the owners of Four J Traffic Controls decided to retire, they initially hired a brokerage firm to help identify potential buyers. After a series of false starts and unsuccessful outside offers, they realized that the perfect successor was sitting in plain sight.

Having managed its operations for seven years, Trevor understood the business inside and out, and the previous owners knew their employees and customers would be in good hands with him at the helm. While Trevor knew traffic control, he knew that he couldn’t run all the moving parts of the business alone. His wife Krista was the missing link to help make business ownership a reality. With Krista overseeing the administrative side of the business, the couple felt confident making the leap into business ownership together.

Even now, whenever we have questions, [Byline is] always available and eager to assist with smart, personalized advice. —Trevor & Krista Davis Owners, Redbird Barricades, LLCAfter shopping around for a financing partner, Krista and Trevor struggled to find a bank that would go the extra mile—until they found Byline Bank. Through Byline, the couple was able to qualify for an SBA 7(a) loan. Because Byline is an SBA Preferred Lender, their team is authorized to make credit decisions in-house, which helps to expedite approvals. As a result, Trevor and Krista were offered a swift and seamless lending process and a team that provided the couple with invaluable business insight that other banks didn’t provide. With the help of Byline, Krista and Trevor were able to purchase Four J Traffic Controls and rebrand it Redbird Barricades, LLC.

“I appreciate their accessibility,” said Trevor, recalling how Byline helped to power his transition from traffic control manager to business owner. “Even now, whenever we have questions, they are always available and eager to assist with smart, personalized advice.”

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Byline’s support extended beyond conventional measures, providing care and guidance every step of the way, including the initial funding to help the Davises gain certification as a woman-owned business—a crucial factor in providing the couple with more funding than other banks could. Trevor and Krista appreciated that Byline went beyond the paperwork, taking a genuine interest in understanding the Trevor’s deep knowledge of the business.

While it hasn’t been easy to transition from a family into a family business, Krista enthusiastically embraces her new role as a business owner.

“I think we work well together, dividing up responsibilities both at home and at work. “It’s our first time working together, and it is both exhilarating and challenging to juggle a bustling family life and run a business. Having the support of our existing team members, along with Byline Bank, empowers us to wake up every day and run our business the right way.”

Trevor says Byline Bank’s streamlined SBA lending processes turned what could have been a stressful endeavor into a straightforward journey.

“I couldn’t have envisioned a better partnership,” said Trevor. “Their interest in us, their belief in us, and their investment in us instilled confidence in our abilities, which was invaluable as new business owners.”

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