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Our values.

It‘s our goal to be an environmentally responsible bank for all the communities we serve. We promote the philosophy that a commitment to environmental sustainability makes our communities stronger, and better places in which to live and work – now and for future generations. From community giving and financial literacy to branch construction and business practices, we actively work to protect and improve the communities where we work and live.


Bank Spotlight

Skokie Green Roof.

In October of 2007, we sought to create a community branch that is a testament to our founding philosophy – to promote the betterment of our communities.

After cleaning the contaminated soil left by a former gas station, we built a 3,600 square-foot eco-friendly branch at 4007 Dempster Street in the Village of Skokie. Using recycled building materials, geo-thermal heating & cooling, and floor-to-ceiling windows, we were able to drastically reduce energy consumption and waste. By installing a live green roof system, we increased oxygen output and created a 3,956 gallon storm water reservoir that diverts roof runoff, preventing wear and tear on Skokie’s municipal sewer system. In 2013, after years of hard work, our Dempster & Crawford branch was awarded Gold-Level LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Today, a globe sculpture constructed out of recycled materials stands as a beacon for our customers and a symbol of our continuous community involvement.

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In Our Banks.

Finding ways to invest in more sustainable practices and materials has always been a focus at Byline. We continue to invest in more sustainable practices for our facilities.

We have made it standard practice to utilize LED, whenever possible, for all new lighting fixtures and have done so in our recent branch designs, along with daylight sensors to further reduce energy usage. This not only helps us to reduce our electricity consumption, but also helps to produce less heat overall, which reduces our HVAC consumption. We also negotiated a new contract for electrical supply, allowing us to utilize solar subscriptions and ultimately reduce costs significantly in 2020. We also partnered with a janitorial services company selected for their focus on providing products and services that improve the health of our employees, lower our carbon footprint, and reduce energy output.