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Mack's Bike & Goods logoSam Mack has been a resident of Evanston, Illinois, nearly all his life. He can trace his love of bikes back almost as far. At only 13 years old, Sam built the “perfect bike” for himself, and his passion for all things bicycling only grew from there. He has since brought that enthusiasm to his Evanston community by opening Mack’s Bike & Goods, a full-service bike shop.

When Sam and his wife Kelly decided it was time to buy a permanent space for the store, they looked to another local business, Byline Bank. Committed to staying in the neighborhood, Sam and Kelly found comfort in working closely with Byline to get to know their financing options. With a commercial mortgage pre-approval in hand, they were empowered to shop for the right “forever home” for their business.

Business Banker Tim Harrington and Branch Manager Andrew Briel’s knowledge of Evanston and the unique needs of local small businesses allowed him to provide Sam and Kelly the right guidance, funding and resources to put Mack’s Bike & Goods on the map—and only two blocks west of their original location.

Sam and Kelly’s mantra is to treat people the way they personally want to be treated. At Byline, we believe that too. It’s a great way to build a lasting partnership.

Byline Bank offers a range of business financing solutions to help companies like Mack’s Bike & Goods meet their needs and ambitions. Learn more.