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jus studios logoChicago native Jorge Gonzalez was raised in the vibrant neighborhood of Logan Square surrounded by pop culture and local creatives. Inspired by street art and clothing from a young age, it was not long before his passion evolved into a career.

In his early 20s, Jorge seized every opportunity to learn the intricacies of screen printing and embroidery. He interned at local print shops and collaborated with graffiti artists and clothing designers to bring their art to life. His reputation in the Chicago print industry was solidified when he was given the opportunity to embroider Chance the Rapper’s first iconic “3” hat. This opportunity led to him being hired as a production manager for a large-scale apparel production company that worked with other notable artists and brands around the nation.

Jorge’s artistry, passion and affable nature quickly made him a favorite among many clients. After a few years, he decided to set out on his own and launched Jus Studios out of his basement. He invested in equipment and eventually was able to move from operating out of his basement into a studio space. Still, it was difficult to keep up with the demand. His dedication to meticulously crafting each product coupled with the time-consuming nature of embroidery and the sheer volume of orders he was receiving made him realize that it was time to get serious about finding a way to finance the expansion and maturation of his business.

They regularly check in, offer opportunities for marketing and sponsorship, and genuinely care about our well-being as a business. —Jorge Gonzalez Owner, Jus StudiosIn 2021, Jorge did just that and took the necessary steps to scale his business. Expanding Jus Studios required investing in an automatic screen-printing machine and a larger location, but Jorge was having trouble finding a financing partner that understood his business and believed in his vision for the future. After months of hearing “no” from bank after bank, he was finally connected with Byline, and his dream to grow his business became a reality.

What made the difference? The Byline lending team puts an intentional focus on looking beyond the numbers, to building relationships that get to know the borrowers and businesses personally.

“They appreciated my Chicago-based business story, visited my location, witnessed my operations, and extended that crucial line of credit that propelled my business to where it is today,” said Jorge. “Finally, someone with financial backing believed in me.”

Byline Bank offers a range of business financing solutions to help companies like Jus Studios meet their needs and ambitions. Connect With Our Team.

The line of credit from Byline allowed Jorge to purchase a brand-new automatic screen-printing machine and move into a 5,000-square-foot space in East Pilsen. Since then, Jus Studios’ accounts and team have grown exponentially, becoming a cornerstone of the local community. Jorge has also built an online presence, opening the door to new revenue streams beyond Chicago with strategic clients like Nike and Lululemon, among others.

Jorge credits Byline as a vested partner in his success, building a personal connection and offering continuous support to help the business thrive.

“They regularly check in, offer opportunities for marketing and sponsorship, and genuinely care about our well-being as a business,” said Jorge.

“The care and attention from Byline Bank has been crucial to the growth and success of Jus Studios,” he continues. “Their team helped me to create plans for growing the business and works alongside me to find realistic strategies and roadmaps for achieving my goals. I find their support to be invaluable beyond words.”