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Small business growth can look like a lot of things and expanding in a variety of areas is important to securing your business’s future. Here are five strategies for growing your business.

1. Increase efficiency

A good business owner is a proactive one. The simplest way to grow your business is by eliminating inefficiencies. This can be as easy as looking over your supply chain to see how you can get your orders faster or talking to your employees about what they are noticing may be hurting your bottom line.

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2. Study your customers

Your customers are your thermometer for how your business is doing and you can check the temperature by keeping track of which products are selling better and which are selling worse. A monthly review of your sales reports will keep your business stocking what sells and getting rid of what you do not need.

3. Observe the market

Constantly looking at where there is demand in the market allows you to see where you can capitalize. The best way to expand is to provide products that people want. Additionally, increasing your marketing and keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing will give you the knowledge to expand in the areas with the biggest profit.

4. Invest in technology

Many businesses allocate a portion of profits into research and development to stay current and on par with their competitors. Look into purchasing new software, better machinery, and other technological innovations. It is also important to remember that new technologies are not a sunk cost either because they can be sold for future capital.

5. Diversify

Creating new and innovative goods and services is essential to small business growth. The market is constantly changing, and competitors are always looking towards what they can supply to get an edge. Diversifying your products will also protect against supply chain issues hitting a specific product you’re providing.

As you look at ways to grow, also remember that you do not have to do this alone. Creating partnerships in your field is a good way to expand your operations and attending networking events and researching industry leaders in your area can help you find new ways to reach customers and provide new goods/services.

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This article was written by Rhett Buttle from Forbes and was legally licensed through the Industry Dive Content Marketplace. Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected].