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Check out our job aid and videos to help guide you through our online PPP Forgiveness Application Portal.

Forgiveness Application Portal Job Aid

Review the PPP Forgiveness Application Portal Job Aid

Watch the videos below to familiarize yourself with the PPP

Borrower Authentication & Application

Dive into this video to understand the initial steps of the PPP Forgiveness Application process. Learn how to authenticate yourself as a borrower and navigate the initial application stages. This demo ensures you’re well-equipped to start your forgiveness journey.

Borrower Documentation Upload

Uploading the correct documents is crucial for a successful PPP Forgiveness Application. This video provides a detailed walkthrough of the documentation upload process, ensuring you know the ins and outs of submitting the right paperwork.

Borrower eSigning

Finalizing your application requires a secure electronic signature. This video demonstrates the eSigning process, guiding you through each step to ensure your application is complete and ready for submission.