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Byline is a company comprised of talented individuals of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences – this is our strength and we embrace it. We also know that maintaining and nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusion can be fragile if not attended to and nurtured.

As we mourn the tragic death of a black man at the hands of law enforcement, our hearts go out to the family of George Floyd, the city of Minneapolis, and all our cities as they grapple with this tragedy and its aftermath. We join them and others across the country in their sorrow and call for justice.

We must stand strong and united, and continue to shine a light on the role that systemic racism plays in producing inequities that hurt us all. This is unacceptable in our society and in our business.

Byline stands with other businesses and leaders who want to drive positive change, eradicate the barriers that deny access and opportunity within communities of color, and be a model for the future of racial equity. We know that this type of commitment is to doing work that is never done. We continue to push ourselves to reflect and take action to continuously educate and improve ourselves, to make Byline more than just a diverse and inclusive organization, but one that truly embraces and embodies anti-racist values and actions. This is what we believe, and who we are committed to be. This statement is the first of many actions as we as an organization work for positive change in our community.

–  Board of Directors, Byline Bancorp