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Example of Account Takeover AttemptByline Bank takes the safety of your accounts and personal information very seriously. We have security measures in place to help protect our customers, but there are also ways you can help outsmart fraudsters.

What are spoofing and account takeovers?

Fraudsters can “spoof” any phone number, meaning they can change the phone number that displays on your caller ID to make it look like a call or text is coming from Byline when it’s really not.

Once you think you’re talking to a bank representative, fraudsters will ask you to share personal information—like your account number, login or password—so they can take over your bank account. They often create a false sense of urgency to gain access to your money.

How to protect your account

If you get a suspicious call, text or even email, there are two basic steps to take:

  1. Hang up, don’t text back and don’t respond: If someone contacts you and asks you to share personal information, don’t do it. Byline will never call, text, email or contact you to request or verify your online credentials. Be wary if anyone asks you for your:
    • Account number
    • User ID
    • Password
    • Social Security number
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Address
    • Debit PIN
    • Multifactor authentication details
  2. Call us directly: If someone contacts you for any of the above, call us at (773) 244-7000 before providing any account details over the phone.

You can also read more here about how to protect yourself and your account.