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Our Summer Celebrating Evanston’s 20th Annual Free Summer Concert Series!

This summer, Byline had a lot going on: but one standing date our Evanston branch Byliners wouldn’t have dreamed of missing was Thursday nights, from June 13 to August 22. As a proud sponsor of Evanston’s long-standing community evenings of free live music for all: Thursday Night Live, our local representatives were more than happy to join the hundreds of weekly revelers at the newly renovated Fountain Square, in the heart of downtown Evanston.

Attendees showed up regularly for their weekly dose of free music—which truly offered something for virtually any fan base. From jazz, classic rock, rockabilly and blues to swing, bands hit everything from Motown classics to Brazilian pop. And no matter how unfamiliar the offerings might seem to be before guests arrived, one thing never failed: during the 10-concert series, there was always dancing and at least several hard-core fan groups singing along to the beats.

Adding to the festive vibe were “Big Games:” oversized Jenga, chess and Scrabble, which brought out the competitive inner child in everyone! New to Thursday Night Live this year were the block parties, which kicked off the last Thursday of every month and quickly became a cornerstone of the Evanston summer social calendar for everyone from Northwestern students to long-time neighborhood residents.

Byline was particularly honored to be a featured sponsor at the monthly block parties. On these very special occasions, the City pedestrianized the popular area between Orrington Avenue south of Davis St. to the end of the south plaza, which was fortunate because it’s safe to say that the events brought fans out in packs.

We especially love to participate in just this kind of opportunity: being a true part of the communities where we live, work and play is integral to who we are at Byline, and block parties where we’re able to connect with our regular patrons and forge new local relationships speaks to exactly who and what we are.

Byline has been a proud part of Chicagoland for over 100 years, and we take our responsibility to our neighborhoods very seriously. It’s an honor to be a trusted bank where we live and work, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the people who keep each of our diverse communities strong and vibrant. We’re just where we want to be.

To find out how Byline could support your event, contact us.