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You eat right and exercise to keep yourself physically fit, why not protect your finances as well? Scammers are always look for a way to compromise your information.

Making a secure purchase online

Ways to stay safe from scammers:

1. Shop on secure websites

  • Look for “https” in the web address
  • Watch for spoof websites sent through email and online ads
  • Only shop on sites you trust

2. Don’t use public Wi-Fi to shop. It’s not secure.

3. Watch out for scams!

  • If someone contacts you asking for money to help a loved one, contact the person in need directly.
  • Never give your user IDs or passwords to anyone over the phone or email.

4. Don’t trust email

  • Don’t click links in emails unless you know where they go, or type in the link directly
  • Don’t open attachments from email addresses you don’t know
  • If a request seems out of place, or if you didn’t initiate it at all, don’t click on any link in the email

5. Vary and change passwords and user IDs

  • Keep them complicated using a variety of numbers, letters and characters

6. Track your transactions

  • Use online & mobile banking
  • If you didn’t make a purchase contact your bank immediately

7. Beware of e-skimmers on ATMs and debit card readers

  • Investigate the card reader to make sure nothing looks or feels unusual. If something doesn’t seem right report your concerns.

Visit our Fraud Safety & Security page for more information and tips for your protection.