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You Inspire Us!

This summer, Byline was happy to continue our support of the Winnetka Women’s League as an overall sponsor. The Women’s League draws women from over 24 different Chicagoland communities to their programming, which is as varied as the dynamic, smart and curious women who attend the book talks, lecture series, meditation workshops and so much more.

The Winnetka Women’s Exchange is a beloved presence in that vibrant North Shore community, and has been a force for positive connection and growth for 35 years (and counting!). Located in the equally historic Harkness Hall section of the Winnetka Community House, the Women’s Exchange continues to grow and nurture women’s minds and interests.

(Fun fact: Harkness Hall and its adjacent Winnetka Children’s Chapel are Winnetka landmarks in their own right—both featured heavily in the hit movie “Home Alone,” and during the holidays there are often lines of cars parked down the street to photograph the building and the actual “Home Alone House” just down the street on Lincoln Avenue).

Byline understands the need for organizations like the Winnetka Women’s Exchange and respects the place they hold in our varied and vibrant communities across Chicagoland. For more than 100 years, Byline has been a key partner in the areas where our people live and work. Through sponsorships like this one, we continue to celebrate our city’s diverse neighborhoods and offer support to local and community business leaders in their efforts to engage local residents.

We know that their success is our success, and we are honored to contribute a small piece to the tapestry of the city we serve. We love this town.

To find out how Byline could support your event, contact us.