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Little Leaguers inspire us!

This season, Byline gave Skokie Indian Little League (SILL) Baseball and Softball shirts for their backs by donating the uniforms for the North Shore town’s teams.

SILL has worked with local kids for more than 60 years, not only to give them a great spring and summer athletic experience, but more importantly to teach them sportsmanship, honesty, courage, and self-discipline. We admire their fortitude and dedication to raising up the next generation of local leaders and are honored to serve beside them.

We’re proud to be a part of the local neighborhoods where we live and work–so when branch Byliners were able to wave hello to Skokie kids in their branded jerseys on warm North Shore days, playing on the ballfield and beyond, we were reminded yet again that it is definitely true: We love this town.

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