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Welcoming Summer on Chicagoland’s West Side!

This summer Byliners were proud to support their local parish as sponsors of St. Daniel the Prophet’s Summerfest 2019, June 20-24. Manning the raffle table while sporting their finest Byline promo items, our folks were able to combine two of their beloved local institutions in one festive swoop.

The Summerfest is a tradition at St. Daniel’s and this year—again, by popular demand from attendees—organizers scheduled the event so that parishioners young and old could attend before scattering for the warm summer vacation days. Families rocked out to local bands while the more-daring among them lined up for a turn on the spectacular Midway rides—and this year, the Carnival Company upped the thrill stakes once again by providing yet more ride options for guests of all ages (and daredeviltry)!

There was no lack of entertainment for the more faint of heart, though – with a plethora of local food vendors offering St. Daniel’s favorites, not to mention around-the-clock bingo, there was something for absolutely everyone, including our Byliners who were hoping to get lucky at the raffle themselves: the Grand Prize was $10,000!

As usual, the Summerfest—including its raffle—is the Parish’s largest yearly fundraiser, and this year the community (including branch Byliners!) really rallied. Two huge projects, including repairs to the school’s gym HVAC and 2nd floor infrastructure are in the works for next year, with a renovation budget of more than $100,000. So everyone: from sponsors, to guests, and the hard-working Summerfest Committee, did their best to make sure the event could help close the shortfall as quickly as possible.

Byline has been a proud and integral part of Chicagoland for over 100 years, and we take our responsibility to our neighborhoods very seriously. It’s an honor to be a trusted bank where we live and work, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to give back our own time and talents to the people around us who keep their neighborhoods strong and vibrant. We’re just where we want to be.

To find out about next year’s Summerfest, visit To find out how Byline could support your event, contact us.