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Our Afternoon With the Lyons Mustangs Athletic Club

On Sunday, October 6, Byline was honored to support the Lyons Mustangs Athletic Club’s 37th Annual Oktoberfest. The fest, which is held every year at the Clubhouse, is the second major fundraiser for the Athletic Club, and supports its mission of giving back to the community through both time and monetary donations. The Mustangs A.C. has been an actively chartered organization in the Lyons community since 1924, and members work hard at both fundraisers: the long-lived (and much-beloved) Charcoal Broiled Chicken Bar-B-Q, and the relative newcomer: the Oktoberfest.

The Mustangs certainly know how to throw a party—the Clubhouse is such a legend that the village even named part of Leland Avenue, where it sits, “Mustang Way” in 2012.

Both fundraisers—the Chicken Bar-B-Q and Oktoberfest—may seem to be all fun and games, but Athletic Club members are deadly serious about the support they are able to offer local groups as a result of their fundraising efforts. Annual A.C. beneficiaries include both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, as well as the Lyons McCook Little League (the Mustangs sponsor a team every year).

Byline was proud to support the Lyons Mustangs Athletic Club through our participation in the organization’s Business Sponsorship Program. We’ve been a proud and integral part of Chicagoland for over 100 years, and we take our responsibility to our neighborhoods very seriously. It’s an honor to be a trusted bank where we live and work, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to give back our own time and talents to the people around us who keep their neighborhoods strong and vibrant. We’re just where we want to be.

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