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Byline Bank recently announced it has partnered with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC) to provide a grant in the amount of $11,700 to Chicago nonprofit My Hood, My Block, My City. My Hood, My Block, My City provides underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood.

In August 2020, FHLBC announced the creation of a $14 million Targeted Impact Fund. This fund was established to support relief for populations hardest-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and promote racial equity in communities across Illinois and Wisconsin.

“Contributing to organizations that help our Chicagoland neighbors has always been a part of Byline’s commitment to our community,” said Jake Gross, Vice President, CRA Officer, of Byline Bank “We’re proud to continuously support businesses and customers in our diverse and ever-growing city.”

Byline Bank has a history of community involvement, including grants, sponsorships, events and volunteer support to local nonprofits and businesses. Byline is privileged to be a part of the City of Chicago for more than 100 years and in 2020 has committed over $130,000 to organizations in the City of Chicago.

Byline has also supported many local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic by working with them to obtain loans through the Paycheck Protection Program. At a critical time for struggling businesses, Byline was pleased to facilitate access to capital for them to help keep their doors open.

For more information on My Block, My Hood, My City, please visit

For more information on the Targeted Impact Fund, please visit FHLBC’s COVID-19 Resource Center.