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Byline claims top spots in both SBA 7(a) and 504 rankings

Marking another year of exceptional performance as a leading U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) lender, Byline Bank was recognized as Illinois Lender of the Year in three categories at the Illinois SBA Lender Awards luncheon on July 18. Byline earned top spots for SBA 7(a) lending, SBA Third Party 504 program lending and SBA Export lending for FY2022.

Byline has earned the top SBA 7(a) ranking in Illinois for 14 consecutive years, originating $106.2 million in Illinois SBA-backed 7(a) loans that created at least 681 jobs in the SBA’s fiscal 2022 year. At $75.5 million in SBA 504 third party loan volume, Byline Bank and its small business borrowers created 236 new jobs through the program in Illinois for FY2022. Byline also delivered over $18 million to exporters in Illinois through the SBA’s International Trade, Export Express, and EWCP loan programs.

“Byline Bank has played an essential role in delivering more than $199 million in critical SBA funding to small businesses in the state of Illinois this past year,” said Bob Esquivel, Supervisory Lender Relations Specialist, Illinois District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration. “We’re grateful to have dedicated lenders like Byline who are consistently committed to utilizing SBA loan programs to provide small businesses with the access to capital they need to grow and succeed.”

“Byline Bank’s recognition as the top Third Party Lender for SBA 504 loans underscores our unwavering support for small businesses in Illinois,” said Brogan Ptacin, Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Banking. “We’re pleased to contribute to the economic vitality and growth of our local communities by providing essential funding to entrepreneurs.”

“We’re extremely proud of Byline Bank’s continued success and recognition as a leading SBA lender, said Tom Abraham, President, Small Business Capital, the SBA lending division of Byline Bank. “Receiving the top spots for both the SBA 7(a) and 504 loan programs demonstrates our commitment to supporting small business growth and job creation in Illinois.”

The annual SBA Illinois Lender Awards recognizes outstanding lenders and small business advocates for their contributions to local communities and to our nation’s economy. Senior leaders at the U.S. Small Business Administration, the State of Illinois and the Chicago area’s business and lending communities gather annually to celebrate the success of small business.

Byline Bank: Recognized Beyond Illinois for SBA Lending
In addition to recognition in Illinois for SBA lending, Byline Bank ranked fifth nationally for SBA 7(a) loan dollar volume in FY2022 with loans totaling $422.6 million and proudly retains its distinction as the No. 1 International Trade Loan (ITL) Lender nationwide for providing vital SBA-backed export financing loans to small businesses. Byline also secured the top spot for SBA 7(a) lending by dollar volume for the eighth consecutive year by the Wisconsin District Office of the SBA, for granting loans worth $33.7 million in Wisconsin and ranked among the top ten SBA 7(a) lenders by loan dollar volume in Colorado and Michigan.