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Take these basic steps to ensure your small business is protected from fraud and cybercrime.

Pay attention

Balance that checkbook. Keep on top of your financial records and be aware of any unauthorized bank or credit card transactions.
lock icon Avoid scammers. Review our Fraud Fitness Check periodically for ways to stay safe from scammers.
Check yourself. Regularly review your credit score for any possible fraudulent activity in your personal information.


Share the power

Having a system of checks and balances in place is one of the best security features available to a small business. If more than one person is involved in a transaction, that is a great way to ensure you’re protected from phishing and social engineering.

image of checks and balances on a scale


Lead by example

Ensure your staff and team members are all following the same security protocols for your business, and they are trained properly on each.

personal banking icon Sharing isn’t always caring. Do not share any login information with others; establish unique User IDs and passwords for each team member.
computer and phone Mix it up. Create unique logins for each website that you visit.
computer and password icon Embrace change. Even if a website doesn’t force you to change your password, take the initiative to do so every 30 or 60 days.
check yes icon The longer, the better. Leave that easy password you created in high school behind. Your accounts and data will only get stronger with each character (or number, capital letter or special character) you add to it.


Password graphic


Be safe

secure chat bubblesCybercriminals use the same web sites and platforms that you do. Protect your business by not offering confidential information unless you’re positive you’re in a protected environment. With your business on the line, it’s always better to be cautious and confirm you’re giving information to a trusted partner.


Layer your protection

Online transactions offer different types of layered security features, which a small business should always take advantage of. These could include:

icon no Transaction thresholds
phone with message icon Out-of-band verification
puzzle icon Fraud detection and monitoring systems
safe icon IP reputation

Prepare for battle

Shield graphicSecurity is often available right at your fingertips. If you understand and utilize the features that are readily available, you’ll have a leg up on the cybercriminals.

  • Take advantage of the provided security features from your frequently-used software and web sites, which could include firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware protections.
  • Always install the latest software and system updates when available; these often provide additional security features and patches to known issues.
  • Use passwords for all hardware when possible, and always use a password for any wireless system


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