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Estes Laser logoAndrew Peontke will be the first to admit that he never fully envisioned himself as a business owner. As a committed employee in the metal fabrication industry, Andrew found genuine joy in mastering every aspect of manufacturing. His enthusiasm for transforming drawings into tangible products fueled his ambition. While the idea of having his own business lingered in the back of his mind, he brushed it away, unsure how to turn this vague notion into a reality.

When the opportunity arose to purchase Estes Laser & Manufacturing, Andrew recognized that it was the right opportunity and time to believe in himself. The biggest hurdle standing between him and his dream: finding a way to secure the financing necessary to acquire the business. After conducting extensive research, Andrew turned to Byline Bank to provide him with the capital he needed and help him navigate the intricate process of business acquisition.

“They understood my passion and went the extra mile to understand my business and vision for building it. Byline was always there." Andrew Peontke, CEO, Estes Laser & ManufacturingThanks to Byline Bank’s support, Andrew is now the CEO of Estes Laser & Manufacturing in Schaumburg, IL. He says the bank played a pivotal role in helping him to actualize his aspirations.

At Byline, fostering enduring relationships with customers and borrowers is paramount to understanding their needs to provide tailored financing solutions. As the #1 SBA lender in Illinois, Byline Bank was able to provide Andrew with an SBA loan that enabled him to take on ownership of the business. Since Andrew’s loan closed, sales at Estes Laser & Manufacturing have surged from $700,000 in the first year to $3 million, allowing him to expand the workforce to 17 total employees, also contributing to the local economy.

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Andrew’s partnership with Byline Bank was about much more than just one loan. The lending team acted as business consultants throughout the process and have continued to collaborate with him on finding new ways to expand the business, including acquiring a second facility. Through regular strategic discussions with Byline about the business’ financial performance and goals, Estes Laser is set up for future growth. Andrew feels supported as a business owner in ways that he could have never anticipated before working with Byline.

“They understood my passion and went the extra mile to understand my business and vision for building it,” said Andrew, reflecting on the ease of collaboration, friendliness, and strategic counsel he experiences with his contacts at the bank. “Byline was always there.”

As a top five SBA lender nationwide, Byline Bank has deep expertise in how to tailor SBA financing to support ventures like Estes Laser & Manufacturing. Learn more about how we can help bring your business aspirations to fruition.