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When Charles Nkuku first joined the hardware industry in 1988, he was a college kid working part time to make ends meet. Initially hired as a clerk at a small hardware store in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, Charles soon discovered a passion for helping customers solve unique problems. Learning from working alongside the owner of the store, Charles found joy in the hands-on and problem-solving aspects of his job.

I was just using [Byline] as my business bank, but they saw my track record and realized they could extend credit to help me with seasonal merchandising. —Charles Nkuku Owner, Lehman Midtown True Value HardwareWhen the store’s owner decided to retire, he presented Charles with the opportunity to take over as the owner. He was thrilled at the opportunity to take his career and passion to the next level. Since then, Charles has been committed to the success and growth of Lehman Midtown True Value Hardware, eventually making the decision to move into a larger location in Lakeview.

Since the beginning of his tenure as owner, Charles has been a Byline Business Banking customer. After several years of developing a supportive, helpful relationship with Byline, Charles realized there was more that Byline could do for him and his business. To ensure Midtown Hardware could stay stocked with the right items at the right time, Charles was able to take out a line of credit, which he says has made a huge difference in his ability to grow the business.

“Byline Bank’s support allows us to purchase necessary new products and adapt to evolving trends and new seasons,” said Charles.

Charles’ years of running a business have led him to deeply appreciate the collaborative relationship he has with Byline Bank, which he says has been a helpful, proactive partner from the start.

“They’ve been a good partner all along, even when I first started. I was just using them as my business bank, but they saw my track record and realized they could extend credit to help me with seasonal merchandising,” said Charles.

For Charles, Byline Bank is more than just a financial partner, their support has been invaluable in the ongoing success of Midtown Hardware.

“They have been a big help in ensuring the growth of my business and enabling me to stock the store with the merchandise needed,” he said. “Every season requires new products for us, and they have been instrumental in facilitating that.”

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