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What’s changing?

In addition to a new responsive design, you’ll have a centralized approval workspace for templates, transactions and user admin. Dynamic table rows allow you to easily view more information or related tasks. Modern font icons represent concepts to help you easily identify actions.

You’ll need to setup and customize your dashboard

Dashboards have changed in our new experience, so you’ll need to customize your welcome screen display to include panels that provide relevant and quick access to information.

To customize your dashboard, select Display Options at the top right on your welcome screen, below the menu. Select + to add a panel to the list. Panels can also be moved around or removed.

Customizable dashboard panels include:

  • Important Account Balances
  • Balance Snapshot
  • Recent Transactions
  • Transfers & Payments Approvals
  • Template Approval
  • User Profiles Approval
  • Next Scheduled Requests
  • Issues & Issue File Approval
  • Exception Decisions
  • Other Account Balances

What else is changing?

  • The Approvals link is always displayed and replaces the various old Approval panels. Users can view all pending approvals and next scheduled requests from one screen. When a user has items requiring approval, an exclamation point appears next to the link.
  • The Exceptions link replaces the Positive Pay Exception panel and allows users to view and act on ACH and/or check Positive Pay exceptions awaiting decision or approval. Exceptions are also displayed in a section on the Welcome page

What’s staying the same?

This update is primarily just a refresh of our online banking’s look and feel. There won’t be too many functional changes. Some things are staying the same, including:

  • Favorites icon. Users can click this to access links to their favorite pages. All favorites from old online banking are retained and systematically moved to new online banking.
  • All saved reports/searches from old online banking are retained and carried over to new online banking.