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It’s easy to think that check fraud doesn’t happen or that it won’t happen to you, but the numbers prove otherwise. According to the FTC, reports of fake checks have grown by 65% since 2015.

The good news? There are services available to you that can keep your hard-earned money safe and out of the hands of criminals.

You’re hard at work growing your business. Let us work for you to protect your bottom line.

What you should know: Positive Pay

Protect your business accounts.

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Check Positive Pay

Whenever a check is presented for payment, we’ll match the account number, check number, dollar amount, and date with a check file you’ve provided. You’ll review and approve any exceptions.

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Check Positive Pay with Payee

For added protection, the Payee name is matched to your file to fight against forged and altered checks.

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Reverse Positive Pay

Approve every check clearing your account, without having to upload a check file.

Fraud prevention for your ACH debit transactions, not just checks.

Don’t write checks often or even at all? You still need protection.

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ACH Positive Pay

Have control over your ACH debit transactions. Review and approve any ACH debit purchase as it comes in.

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ACH Block and Filter

Make regular purchases? Create and update a list of approved payees who can ACH debit your account and block the rest.