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We take transparency seriously.

Enacted in 1977, the CRA encourages banks like Byline to help meet the credit needs of all the communities where we operate, particularly low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. It’s our promise to you that we’re not just in your community—we’re a part of it. At Byline, we are committed to making our CRA Public File accessible.

To that end, below you will find direct links to specific sections of the file to help you understand how we’re making a difference in individuals’ lives and communities at large.

If you have any questions or if you prefer a printed copy of the CRA Public File, we can be contacted at (773) 244-7000. Please note, some documents within our file may not be compatible with screen readers. If you encounter any compatibility issues, please reach out for assistance. We’re here to help.

CRA Public File updated on March 17, 2024.

CRA Public Comments

In this section, you’ll find the voices of our community—public comments we’ve received for the current year and previous two calendar years that specifically relate to Byline’s performance in helping to meet community credit needs.

View Our Public Comments

CRA Performance Evaluation

This assessment from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation evaluates our efforts to meet the credit needs of the communities we proudly serve.

View Our Most Recent CRA Performance Evaluation

Branch Locations

Discover the convenience of banking with Byline via our comprehensive list of branch locations and their operating hours.

To keep you informed about our network’s growth and changes, we’ve compiled a detailed record of branches that have opened or closed in the current and previous two calendar years.

CRA Assessment Areas

Explore this section to find a detailed map showcasing Byline’s CRA Assessment Areas, as well as a comprehensive list of all the census tracts within these areas.

View Our Assessment Areas

Products, Services and Fees

In this section, you’ll find the array of products and services Byline offers, as well as a detailed breakdown of our fees.

View Our Products, Services and Fees

CRA Disclosure Statements

Byline Bank’s CRA Disclosure Statements are available for review at the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) website. To view the Disclosure Statement, follow the link below, select the year you wish to review and enter either the Respondent ID or Institution Name.

FFIEC CRA Disclosure Page
Institution: Byline Bank
Respondent ID: 0000020264

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Notice

The HMDA data about our residential mortgage lending are available online for review. The data show geographic distribution of loans and applications; ethnicity, race, sex, age, and income of applicants and borrowers; and information about loan approvals and denials. These data are available online at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website. HMDA data for many other financial institutions are also available at this website.

State of Illinois Community Reinvestment Notice

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (Department) evaluates our performance in meeting the financial services needs of this community, including the needs of low-income to moderate-income households. The Department takes this evaluation into account when deciding on certain applications submitted by us for approval by the Department. Your involvement is encouraged. You may obtain a copy of our evaluation. You may also submit signed, written comments about our performance in meeting community financial services needs to the Department.