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Schaff International

Schaff International has been in the wire industry for over 154 years and is steeped in tradition.

Schaff began to manufacture piano strings in 1861. Since then, it has expanded many times to meet the industry’s ever changing needs by becoming a major distributor of music wire, hard drawn wire, and many specialty grades, as well as in-house tin/zinc plating. On the manufacturing side, Schaff has become the world’s leader in producing conduit liners used specifically in the welding industry. We also distribute a wide variety of springs and forms and have extensive CNC machining capabilities that allow us to support our extensive customer base, both domestic and international, in the welding, agricultural and transportation industries.

My relationship with Simon started when we were banking with a larger institution. Simon stayed in touch with me to see if we were interested in switching banks. These were friendly chats, not annoying or aggressive sales calls. I would send him our financials on a regular basis and talk. During the renewal process, Byline Bank was more competitive than the bank we were working with at the time. And I wanted to work with Simon. When Byline took over the loan several years ago, the ease of dealing with their old banking style was what sold us.

“I have received very personal, old-style banking services, but I also understand that banking isn’t what it used to be. Byline has been responsive to this changing landscape, for our benefit and theirs.”

The bank provides Schaff with our current commercial loan. This past November we got another loan for the acquisition of Lemke Machine in Woodstock. In February we did another large loan for the purchase of Maroney Company, an aerospace/ defense manufacturer in California. We are looking to do an SBA 504 loan for a new building. Additionally, Byline handles our personal accounts—hopefully soon also our 401k. To say we’re “entrenched” in Byline is an understatement, but we couldn’t be happier. Byline has been there the whole way to support our continued growth.

Kevin Dwyer
President, Schaff International

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