SafetyNet Coverage

Don't spend without a safety net. SafetyNet Coverage is an emergency fund you may be able to tap into when your account balance is too low to complete a transaction. It prevents you from having your card rejected or declined, allowing you to make your purchase or withdrawal when you need to and add money to your account later.



Need money now? Our SafetyNet coverage may allow your Debit Card purchases or ATM withdrawals to be approved when you have insufficient funds.


An Emergency Fund

May cover if you have an unexpected expense–like a car tow.


Greater Flexibility

May allow you to make a purchase if you can’t make a deposit or transfer until later that same business day.


It is Easy to Sign Up!

In Person: Please visit one of our convenient branch locations to speak to a Personal Banker!
Online: Opt in/out of SafetyNet Overdraft Coverage through our convenient form.
Questions about SafetyNet, please call 773-244-7000.


The Details

An insufficient funds fee of $34 per item will be charge with a negative end of day balance. A daily Overdraft Fee of $6 will be charged per day for every day your account ends in a negative balance. Once an overdraft has occurred, you are obligated to bring your account to a positive balance promptly. SafetyNet coverage is different from Overdraft Protection in that it does not transfer money from your savings account to your checking account to protect from overdrawing your checking account. SafetyNet covers transactions that bring your account to the negative up to $250. New accounts will not be eligible for SafetyNet coverage for 90 days from the date of account opening. Speak to a banker for more information.