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At Byline Financial Group, we know every business has different needs. We take the time to understand your specific business goals in order to provide customized solutions that help you succeed.

Some of our flexible program options include:

Fixed Term Financing

Fixed-rate, fixed term financing with no balloon payment required. Ask us about our accelerated depreciation and tax deduction options.

True Lease Financing

Traditional lease structure with lower monthly payments. Byline assumes the residual and obsolescence risk of the equipment and monthly payments can typically be deducted as operating expenses.

Deferred Billing Program

Deferred payments allow equipment to generate revenue before payments are due.

Future Funds Program

Decide on financing up to 6 months after delivery of equipment (cash purchase or finance).

Baker’s Dozen Program

A short-term solution when supplier can’t extend payment terms.

Seasonal Program

Customizable terms that allow you to match your payments to your seasonal cash flow.

Bundled Programs

Combine payments for equipment, supplies and services into one convenient monthly payment.

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