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Business Online Banking is evolving to bring you a new responsive design, streamlined menus and improved navigation.

The following table and screen samples illustrate how features/panels on the the old business online banking Dashboard align with the new business online banking Welcome page:

BeB Screen
Old Online Banking Dashboard Page Sample
New Online Banking Welcome Page Sample
Image Element NumberDescription of Change
1The user greeting, the date and time the user last accessed the system, and SignOff link.
2Alerts and bank mail. Users can click the View All link to go to the Received Mail and Alerts page.
3Bulletin messages from Byline.
4The Account Summary section replaces the Important Account Balances panel. You can now see account balances for the first 10 accounts and click the Show More link to view remaining accounts. Eliminates the 7 account restriction in the old panel view.
5The Other Accounts section replaces the Other Account Balances panel.
6The Approvals link is always displayed and replaces the various old Approval panels. Users can view all pending approvals and next scheduled requests from one screen. When a user has items requiring approval, an exclamation point appears next to the link.
7Custom welcome message. The new dashboard panel message previously displayed in old online banking no longer appears.
8The Exceptions link replaces the Positive Pay Exception panel and allows users to view and act on ACH and/or check positive pay exceptions awaiting decision or approval. Exceptions are also displayed in a section on the Welcome page.
9Favorites icon. Users can click this to access links to their favorite pages. All favorites from old online banking are retained and systematically moved to new online banking.
10All saved reports/searches from old online banking are retained and carried over to new online banking.

What’s new for you?

In addition to the responsive design, you’ll have a centralized approval workspace for templates, transactions and user admin. Dynamic table rows allow you to easily view more information or related tasks. Modern font icons represent concepts to help you easily identify actions.

What’s staying the same?

Your account information and services remain the same and no action is required on your part. You can continue to expect our commitment to serving your business alongside our world-class security and reliability. The upgrade will happen automatically, seamlessly and without additional cost.

We’re here to help.

Don’t forget you can call us with any questions at (312) 660-5811.